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Come Sail As You Are

Thank you for choosing to sail as you are! You can call us directly at 305-509-1771 for more information and to book a trip with us, or use the link below to reserve your sail online. We appreciate your business and look forward to sailing with you.

In a world that is full of stuff, why not give a gift that’s a ‘to do’! 
Our ‘Gift Of Sail‘ gift certificates are a great contribution to any celebration. 

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If you would like to book your trip with us over the phone or would like more information about a private charter please call the number below.

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 (305) 509-1771

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Location Of The Boat

All sailing charters leave from the Historic Seaport in Key West, Florida. You can find the boat at the end of Margeret Street, we are located on the right side of the pier. For check-in, just look for our booth on the end of the dock.

Sailing Charter Details

We will not sail in heavy rain, thick fog, high winds, thunder and lightning, etc. However, we will sail in overcast conditions, light to medium fog and in intermittent sprinkles. The final decision to sail resides with Hindu Charters LLC. If you’ve purchased a ticket and do not show up because of the weather, and the boat sails, your ticket is not refundable.

Please contact us directly to discuss cancellation or rescheduling of your charter.

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